Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Growing, Growing, GROWN!

The rate of maturity/growth is different for every person. It's a case-by-case basis kind of thing and sometimes it purely us that promotes growth within ourselves and other times it's circumstances. Either way, it's good. It's what we're supposed to do in life: BE BETTER. One of my best friends, Lashay, once had a status that said something like "I learn something new everyday and if you don't learn something new everyday then kill yaself" or "what are you hear for?" something along those lines (lol). Though I thought it was a bit harsh, it was 100% real! What did you take out of today, how did you expand your mind? Challenge your thinking? How did you broaden your horizons? What was your contribution to your success today? How did you grow? There are days when I can't pinpoint my growth and then I'll hear or see something that I once laughed at and/or thought lightly of and my heart won't let me entertain it and sometimes it's hard to not be disgusted. How do we get here? Is it our own will? Are we going to sleep with the thoughts of a better us or is it coming with age? Maybe it' experience that is maturing us or maybe the more we learn, the more sense we develop. Maybe it's your kid or another loved one that gives you that feeling that you're doing it for them, you want to be better for them. The point I am trying to make is that you get to that place when the only opinions matter are the ones that need to matter. Does that mean an older person is bullet-proof? No! But they know when to fight and when to walk away. One thing I struggle with is my temper and my lack of a filter on my mouth-piece most of the time. I am the nicest person at first, and as long as someone is good to me, I am good to them but I can't stand someone getting smart with me. When a person gets smart, it's over for them because I will dig into their life! But now, I sometimes think how far words can go and what an argument can turn into. Is every smart comment worth a fight? Or is the person that can let some words slide (due to lack of relevance) the real winner? I know that words can cut deeper than a knife and there are times I use this to my advantage but when are we independent of others' opinions enough to be able to ignore a few words and not care what other people have to say about it? We are in this age where Facebook is mostly indirect statuses, and a subtweet on Twitter is normal behavior, where cyber-fighting is condoned and these same "keyboard villains" will stand next to you in person and say not one single word. How serious can you take someone who is more dangerous with a mouse and a keyboard ten miles away but in person you would never know that they had a problem with you? How many marks or bruises did you get from some words spat at you? How angry are you about something someone said if it isn't true? Lately, these have been my feelings:
-If someone is being indirect with you, it doesn't apply to you. "If it don't apply let it fly" If they ain't saying your name, then they ain't talking to you. POINT BLANK PERIOD.
-If a person actually has some balls and says your name in a status/tweet...you have to thank them for thinking highly enough of you that you're worthy of so much od their attention. They're making you famous.
-You can't get angry about a person talking about you directly because all of that public attention they gave you and 99.99% of the time..."they ain't about that life".
-If someone is over the age of 13, an indirect or direct status attacking someone is a damn shame. There will always be certain circumstances that will push someone there...I've been there, but believe me when I say that I don't ever want to be there again! Adult conduct is appreciated!
-If someone is not laying a hand on you, then everything they're saying is irrelevant. I'm simply telling people in 2011 "You can show me better than you can tell me." I haven't said it yet but I bet that once I do tsay that to someone...the talking will continue and I won't be showed anything at all.
Most everything is a bluff from my experience!

Tell me what negativity has accomplished. I'll wait..........................exactly.

When you prioritize, a beef that's never going to get cooked is irrelevant. When shots are fired, look at the shooter...what's they're life like? Are they worth your time? Are you sure you want to validate them?

Lex Luger tweeted:
"never seen nor met a hater who did or has more than me ....... #PERIOD"

Need I say more?

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