Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Break out the welcoming committee!!!

Soooo...is this my fourth or fifth blog? I'm having trouble remembering! I'm a self-proclaimed perfectionist when it comes to anything I do that, (in my opinion) is artistic. The thing is...if you don't know someone and you are exposed to them through non-verbal communication (text, FB, Twitter, BLOGS) you have no choice but to paint your own picture of them...everyone will NOT be a fan and you have the potential to be taken totally wrong. Allow me to plead my case...I'M NICE! I swear (on my momma, on my hood :)...lol) that I am a friend until you force me to be an enemy. With that being said, welcome to the journey of...ummm...I actually don't know! That's the beauty of life...uncertainty. I can only hope that you enjoy this as much as I do (crosses fingers, squeezes eyes shut and makes wish) but...if you don't, life goes on.

In the words of Charlie Sheen..."I'm WINNING" Beyotch!


  1. Ok ok I'm in love with the name.. Real sassy & catchy. When u read it's like BAM! Lol I will say this I always enjoyed reading your blog so keep the post coming and you already know I'm one of your biggest FANS...

  2. You're the best! Thank God for a friend like you! "Everyone needs an R in their life, G sh**!" I hate quoting him but he has never been as right as he was the day that he said that. What would I do without Da Izzar?!