Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Survey of the nosey girlfriends lol

This survey was made for all the wrong reasons! lol An original from three of my best friends (Coya, Heather, Raven) and myself, which was a clever way to ask all of the questions you want to know and a few you could care less about but are still good to know. Rave and my loves were in jail, so it also was something fun and outside of the regular mail (Jail mail is dreadful!) and everyone ended up enjoying it. The purpose of it on my blog is just an intro on me! And who knows, you may find good use for it!

The Basics

Name: Gabriella
Age: 20
Birthday: July 29
Zodiac sign: Leo (best sign EVER!)
Zodiac characteristics (most common): Confident, Leader, Generous,Creative, Expansive
What does your name mean: "God is my might" (urban dictionary reads different)
Are you named after someone: My dad's (& brother) name is Gary, but mom
insists I'm named after a soap opera character.
How many siblings do you have: 6 brothers, 1 sister
Who is your very best friend: Sequoia Lamae
Describe yourself in one word: Head-Strong
How would your best friend describe you in one word: Bossy (probably, lol)
Are you popular: In my city, yes
Are you brawn, brains, or beauty: All three (gotta have confidence), brawn the most


What was the first thing you ever wanted to be: A pole dancer (the pole with the ribbon)
When did you make that decision: I was like 7.
What is your biggest career goal: Psychiatrist who motivationally speaks
What is your dream job: Event planner for the famous
Where do you see yourself in 10 years: At THIS point, probably still in school
If plan a fails, do you have a plan b: I have a plan B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K,...etc :)

Your best:

Best feature: Ummm...my face
Best characteristic: Loyal
Best skill: cosmetology
Best talent: creative writing
Best way to describe your life: busy and fulfilling


Favorite color: YELLOW
Favorite number: 7
Favorite food: Lasagna (Stouffers is the best!!!)
Favorite feature: smile
Favorite movie: Depends on the day, today: Inception
Favorite artist: Jay-Z, Remy Ma, Ne-Yo, Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, Maroon 5
Favorite animal: Lion...the king of the jungle!!!
Favorite sibling: Nicholas Ray, as much as I hate to admit it!
Favorite soda: Only soda I drink is Ginger Ale
Favorite juice: OJ
Favorite alcohol beverage: Goose and Cranberry, Limon and OJ, Sour Amaretto
Favorite liquor: Limon, Goose
Favorite beer: Corona, Coors Light
Favorite shot: Goose :)
Favorite Vegetable: Corn (on the cob or cut off thecob)
Favorite Fruit: Watermelon
Favorite Salad: Seafood Tuna Macaroni
Favorite Nickname: Gabbanna (courtesy of Chad)
Favorite Curse Word: Fucktard (it's an original :0)
Favorite Month: July (hoo-ly)
Favorite Day: Friday
Favorite Vacation spot: Thus far...California (Hollywood to be specific)
Favorite past time: Social Networking (I'm a junkie)

Food: SALISBURY STEAK (and much more)
Day: Wednesday...it's so awkward!
Month: January (colder than December and it breeds demons)
Season: WINTER
Animal: Ummmm...I dunno!
Nickname: Gab Geez, Gab Money (anytime someone turns it hood)
Characteristic: Jealousy

Dream location: Toures, France (where the castles are!)
Dream car: Lambourghini (sp)
Dream house: Built by me, not too big, not too small with a glass front.

Worst fear: Going to hell.
Your worst regret: Having regrets.
What super-characteristic do you have: The gift of Gab (pun intended, I'll charm you!)
Pet peeve: Being ignored.
What you hate to be called: Bitch (even by girlfriends, it's not fun)
Curseword you hate: Dick (especially from a lady's mouth x0)
What do you consider the ultimate betrayal: Playing on a team against someone you love
If you could go back in time and change anything what would it be: Slacking in last years of HS
When you meet someone what is the first thing you look at: Teeth
Severe allergies/illnesses: Asthma :/
Thing that could piss you off the fastest: Someone close to me doing something done
Thing that could make you smile the fastest: Leelynn <3


Age of first kiss: I think like 12
Age lost virginity: 15 (definitely could have waited)
Number of sexual partners: (forgot this question was here) Not listing the # but I'm on one hand
Fantasy: Public sex (don't judge me)
Ever had a threesome: No
Freakiest experience: Definitely got my feet licked freshman year of college o_O
Something you will never try: another female
Something you never tried but will: oral (one day, I'll feel someone deserves it)
Is foreplay a big thing: YESSSSS
Are you into anal: NO
Are you into oral: No...wait, if I'm receiving lol


How many relationships have you had: technically 4, really 3
How many times have you been in love: 2...and possibly getting there :)
Longest relationship: 2 years
Are you cool with that person: yup
Do you want to get married: yes
Physical feature in opposite sex: long as they're not fat, I could careless
Characteristic in other sex: confidence
One thing you need from significant other: dedication
Quote when it comes to a significant other: "don't gotta be perfect, but you gotta be worth it"
Characteristic boyfriend/girlfriend needs to have: AMBITION
In your opinion, what gives significant other staying power: loyalty
One thing you DON'T do that you would do in front of your friends: eat regular lol


Characteristic valued most: loyalty
What will make a friend: being obviously genuine
What will lose a friend: not knowing who's team they are playing for
How far would you go for a friend: as far as I possibly coould.

Random questions:

Hugs or kisses: depends on the person
What bug would you be: a bee (are they a bug? lol)
Do you like scary movies: NOOOOO
Movie genre you prefer: Comedy
If you could have a special power what would it be: invisibility
If you could have chose your name what would it have been: something hip and unisex


How many do you have: 15
How many do you want: no set number, just a whole bunch of ideas
Age you got your first: 13
Favorite: scripture that runs down right rib cage
Most meaningful: praying hands on inner right wrist
If you could remove one would you: yes, the stupid butterfly on my waist line from Petey UGH


Hero: I think my big cousin Christina...turns out she's an imposter. Who knew?
Best friend: Umm...Abby, Stacia, Jess
Hobby: drawing
Past time: anything that had to do with running the streets lol
Ambitions: get good grades in school so I could become a OB/GYN

Right now:

How is your hair: long and straight
What color undies do you have on: navy blue, purple band, flower print
Mood: relaxed
What are you missing: my boyfriend
What are you doing: texting him
What you wish you were doing: anything with him
Person closest to you: Wendysha
Prettiest object: red rose on the dining room table
Ugliest object: cheesy pen holder on the computer desk
Smell in the air: grilled asparagus :)
Most noticeable noise: dishwasher

5 things you want to do before you die
1 Publish a book
2 Marry a man that I love and bear 3 children
3 Open my own psychiatrist office
4 Be a motivational speaker
5 Mingle with some celebs

If I had a million dollars I would: Pay off debts, break my loved ones off, BMF 25%, then invest

The hardest thing for me to do is: Humble myself :(

I always wanted to: be successful.

If I die tomorrow: I want to leave behind a legacy.

At the end of my life I want to be able to say: I lived my life the way I wanted to.

5 things people would never know if I didn't tell them:
1 I'm scared of the dark.
2 I am full of random and interesting facts and can tell you some things that'l blow your mind
3 If I wasn't able to learn new things, life would be meaningless. I love to learn!
4 My biggest goal is to get right with God.
5 I don't like to fight but I'm good at it.

If I compared my life to a movie, it would be _Set It Off______ and I would be _Jada Pinkett_ she was such a good person but she did what she had to do to ensure she took care of business.

Favorite quote about life: "I can sum up life in three words: it goes on."

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  1. The Survey... I loved doing this survey and although the initial purpose 4 me was 2 gain info about a male I was trying 2 get closer 2 I still enjoyed doing it. I completed mine with 2 friends and it was a time of laughter.. I'm pretty sure the reader got a few laughs and made some shocking faces when he read it. Overall it was something that will take your mind away from reality & enjoy good memories, laughs & truth..