Thursday, March 17, 2011

Family is a Blessing!

There are things you will learn in life and while I can appreciate life lessons, I can't hide the fact that some of the things we learn will hurt. At 20, I have been exposed to things that most won't ever get the opportunity to experience and things that most shouldn't ever experience. I grew up surrounded by some things that would sound like a crazy tv show if I elaborated on them. I have survived, not that, physically, my life was always in danger but looking at me now, then looking at what I could have been...I am glad to say that I survived. I think in ways that sometimes surprise me because according to statistics, I should be nothing. I am blessed! He has blessed with ambition and thick skin! An outsider never has and, I honestly think, never will break me down. But then I go back to these life lessons, and I learned that everyone has a kryptonite. I learned that people I love are my kryptonite...I also learned that people I love have the ability to break me down. A brother will hurt you quicker than a stranger, it seems but the reality is they won't hurt you quicker than a stranger, their attempts are just successful. It's a shame when you have to protect yourself from the people that should be standing with you, fighting to protect you from any harm. How can you fight outside your circle when you're constantly fighting within? There goes family values right out of the window because the sense of self is too strong to hold onto it. Another life lesson learned: when you have nothing else, you have family. Your family is who you say it is, everyone won't be blood but sometimes blood couldn't make some relationships closer. So keep in mind while you're burning those family bridges that the thing you have placed before your family is the thing that will break you and with no family, who are you going to turn to? Priorities, priorities. Your family might not be ideal or perfect but they're yours! I love my big (crazy) family. 

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