Thursday, March 17, 2011

Peter Pan, Man.

Peter Pan, Man. 

I was blessed in life with such a big family, blood family, stepfamily, in-laws, and friends who have become family. I am surrounded by an abundance of women, who have their faults, but are still able to be called women. No matter how modernized the family has become, keep in mind that women are the weaker sex. We were made for man, to compliment a man. Now, don't get me wrong, us women are beautiful! As of late, we have been forced into a confusion, role-reverse because of the lack of men. Not a lack of men as in there are none, but a lack of men as in they don't know how to be men. They have been born a boy and somehow they stay in that mindset. I've been blessed to grow up with three grandfathers, a father, a multitude of uncles, and six brothers. I am surrounded by men! Unfortunately, I can probably think of four men I know that actually are men. They fulfill their duty in the household, in their family, in their relationships, and in their jobs/careers. And the four out of all of them, JUST started getting their selves together. Rewind to the old days where everyone had a role: dad was the breadwinner, the provider, the man of the house...he kept everything together. Mom was the homemaker, the nurturer. Women were courted and married and children were afforded the stability of a mother and father. Men have turned into complete cowards! Not every man, because there are men out there that are doing what they were supposed to do, but we can be honest and admit they are few and far between. Everything changes with the times so I don't expect women to still be in the kitchen, our everyday duties involving a oven mitt and a duster, but does family value have to diminish with every passing year? The world is turned upside down. Men are degrading women, using them for what they want or need, then throwing them away, used and empty. Impregnating multiple women and not even having the common decency to take care of the children they are creating. Moving in with women or allowing her to be the breadwinner because they're too lazy to work. Beating on the women they are supposed to love, most times the ones who gave birth to their children. Having no respect for their mothers or the women who sacrificed for them. Then wondering why their sisters are with a low-life or why their daughters are pregnant teenagers. Why their sons have spent more time in jail than home and why they won't commit to women. Once again, it's all a cycle. There is a shortage of real men in the world. No one is asking for perfection, if we're settling for the breed of men out here now, that should prove there is no need to be even close to good! But there are several things a man needs: priorities, leadership, ambition, and common sense!!! I don't know what's worse ...the fact that these men are boys or the fact that they don't see the problem with their actions. SMH at the future!!!

      “Men are like a deck of cards. You'll find the occasional king, but most are jacks.”
 Laura Swenson quotes

"Top 10: Traits of a Real Man"

(I can't agree 100% with the way he elaborates, but the ten titles are on the money!)

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